Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chiropractor cake for my chiropractor

So I had another go at a practice session for cake decorating. Realistically, I should be practicing everyday or at least every week to get better. But who has the time or energy? I squeeze in practice whenever I get a chance. The last time I got messy with food coloring and buttercream frosting was around Halloween with them Halloween cupcakes. Maybe that’s why I’m not really getting any better…insufficient time spent practicing!

I made a chiropractor cake for my chiropractor. It was just for the heck of it. I’ve always wanted to try making a chiropractor themed cake. And of course, it was for practice. I get my practice and make someone happy because cake always makes people happy.

That is my cake…still amateurish.

I didn’t do anything fancy with it, it’s just a simple plain cake of a chiropractor bed. I made vertebrae decoration with fondant and placed it on the side. At first, I was actually going to make a 2014 sign with the vertebrae, but I discovered that, that would take me forever. So I went with the spine.

It’s funny. Everyone thinks it’s a coffin lol. Maybe I should have made the bed flatter and thinner to make it look less coffinlike. And I wish I had covered more of the cardboard holding up the bed. Now that I look at it, that exposed cardboard looks hideous. Oh well…lesson learned.
Okay, now look at this chiropractor cake done by a pro.
This is the cake that inspired me to want to make a chiropractor themed cake. Doesn’t it look so realistic? It's one of the cakes that popped up when I googled chiropractor cakes. I am assuming that the white base is cake. And there is something really sturdy in the middle, securing the weight of everything above. The middle part is so detailed with all them knobs and stuff. I wonder which parts are edible. It looks like the top of the bed is covered in fondant. I absolutely hate cakes covered in fondant. I don’t mind little decorations here and there because fondants can make things look purdy, but it really seems like a waste to cover a cake with it because nobody eats it anyway. But yeah…I’ll admit that it can make cakes look beautiful. I just personally don’t like to do it, nor like eating such cakes.
My family and I have been going to the same chiropractor for 20 years to deal with our kinesiologic needs. My parents first started going there when they had a major accident way back when. One of my brothers started going there when he had to get his scoliosis treated. And me….well I’ve been making yearly visits there it seems like…for the yearly accidents I have.

I don’t know if I am just a magnet for idiot drivers to hit me, but it seems like I have had bad luck with driving. But thank goodness, I’ve never had accidents that were really serious. You would think I was kidding about the YEARLY accidents, or that I was a bad driver. I wish I was kidding and I am an extremely cautious driver. I don’t ever have accidents that are my fault. I’ve actually avoided many accidents too, but there are some that one just can’t avoid.
This last accident I had occurred on the 5S while driving home from work. There I was…minding my own business driving home. And there is this stupid car in front of me driving 10-15mph. There was only one lane for the 5 since it was shortly after coming off the 10. So I am behind this car planning to change lanes as soon as more lanes come up. I am thinking to myself…why do people like this even bother getting on the freeway? And behind me, another car speeds up behind me out of nowhere. I am still going with the flow of traffic, behind the slow car in front of me. The speeding car starts tailgating me, his speed does not slow down and he is just literally up my ass. I don’t know why he’s going to fast when he sees the cars ahead of him driving like turtles. I keep glancing at my rear view mirror and thinking WTF? And then BOOM! He rear ends me. Technically, it’s 100% the fault of the driver that rear ended me, but I also blame that stupid car that was ahead of me. But of course, that other driver had no involvement in the accident and continued driving away like a turtle. 

Anyways, there was not much damage to my car, but more damage to my body. Immediately when I started driving back home, I felt pain in my neck and back. I have a whiplash and am currently receiving treatment again.  
The last time I was receiving treatment from Dr. S was in 2012. Okay and this incident really made me realize how many retarded nutcased drivers are out there that shouldn’t even be licensed to be driving. I was driving straight in a residential area and out of nowhere this SUV speeds out of an alley, hits my car, my car loses control, spins around, we hit a tree along the way, I try to brake, but brakes aren’t working, I then pull the emergency brake, my car finally comes to a stop and ends up on the side walk. It was the scariest accident because I’ve never had my car lose control like that. Mind you that this lady only had the option to turn left or right, as there was no road to go straight ahead. So I had the right of way and she should have slowed down to look for oncoming traffic before making a turn.

The first thing she says when we get out of the car was, “Didn’t you see me? Were you texting?!” I was like WTF? SHE hits ME because she doesn’t bother to slow down and look and then SHE gets mad at me? I thought this lady was a nutbag. All of the other drivers that have hit me have been apologetic and always acknowledged their fault. But this lady obviously needs to take drivers ed again to learn about right of ways.
In the end, of course, her insurance company took liability. And that was that…the case was done with….AND THEN a short time later, I receive a summons, about 20 pages. I was like eh wtf? Wasn’t this case already settled? It turns out that the bitch is suing me even after everything was determined to be HER fault. Even her insurance company said it was her fault, but being the nutbag that she is, she decided to pursue a personal law suit. My insurance company, attorney, and I all think that this woman is out of her mind and that she must have one stupid attorney who is just as nuts. The whole situation doesn’t even make sense at all. She was telling everybody that I was “texting”. I even proved I wasn’t texting with my phone records. And even if I was (of course I wasn’t though), I don’t know how she is going to argue that she saw me “texting” because if she can see that far, she should have seen me coming and yielded the right of way. So yeah…I am settled to see her again in court in December of this year for an accident that occurred in January of 2012. I wonder if I can countersue for defamation and inconvenience.

With all these accidents with people hitting me so often, I’ve become a really really paranoid and cautious driver. I don’t think I could ever have an accident that is my fault because of the fact that I am super cautious. I mostly keep my distance. After the last accident I had, I get really nervous whenever someone is driving a little too close to my rear. I can’t help but to check my rear view mirror way more than I used to.
Even with so many accidents in my record, my premium does not go up. I don’t have at fault accidents and I don’t get tickets (well, not since I was like 21 or so).

Whenever I come back to my chiropractor each year, I can just imagine him thinking, “Welcome back. I’ve been expecting you.”


  1. I was laughing so hard when I saw your cake and the professional cake. I give you an A+ for effort! I can't believe how realistic the pro made the cake look. Crazy. What did you use for the head rest for your cake - is that fondant? I hate eating cakes w/ fondant too - I always 'peel' it away b/c it tastes too gummy and ick for me. Your chiro must be awesome if you bake him a cake!

    Sorry to hear about the car accident(s). I cannot believe that woman sued you after you won the claim. That's horrible. Hope it works out for you.

    I don't use chiropractors anymore. Have you tried going to a thai massage place? I go to a super good one here in SD and I swear by them. They do a better job cracking my back and stretching my body more than any chiro has ever done.

    1. lol is my cake THAT funny looking? Everything is buttercream, except for the spine (fondant). My chiropractor was not there when I brought it in, but I am sure he must have laughed too Yeah, that pro's got some talent!

      I've actually been scared about going to massage places. I've been going to chiro since I was young, so it's familiar and comfortable. I am apprehensive about venturing out and trying unfamiliar things when it comes to body cracking. I'm iffy about changing chiropractors too. I am sure there are tons of better chiropractors out there, but mine is familiar and comfortable..and we've been going to him for years, he knows my accident history, so why change?

  2. Your cake just looked cute after comparing it to the pro's cake - you can tell that you tried real hard :)

    Yeah my mom and sis refuse to do the Thai massage. They don't like the idea of people stepping on their backs. But for me, personally, it's helped and it brings my back the relief/release that it needs. That's awesome you like and trust your chiro. Mine wasn't covered by insurance when I used to go so it was pretty expensive :(

  3. Practice makes it better...I should know, since I am terrible in making cakes or should I say decorating or whatever. You did a great job, and don't give up b/c I know you can be great cake maker. I am sorry tho about your accident. It sucks and out of 10 cars that pass me, 8 have their head down while fudging driving...I mean seriously! I even took few pics just in case b/c they were in fact behind me..LOL! There is no more awful & uncareful drivers than here in me! :D

    1. Thanks, Sandra. Yeah....cake decorating takes some mad artistic skills. I have seen a lot of amazing bakers/chefs that can't decorate to save their lives. And I have also seen incredibly talented cake decorators that can't cook/bake worth crap. But their art work is beautiful.

      Seriously, there's too many people on the road that should have their license taken away lol.

  4. I just found out yesterday that the crazy woman that hit me is a sufferer of many medical conditions, including MS. While that is quite unfortunate. that just explains so much. It's very likely that she has brain damage or vision damage caused by the MS. She is probably drugged up all day. Along with her illnesses and medication, I strongly feel that her license should be taken away before she ends up killing somebody on the road.


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