Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Adding a little color to my kitchen wardrobe!

In the work kitchen, I have been sporting the standard black or white chef’s jacket, checkered pants, white hat, and black slip resistant shoes since I can remember….it’s pretty much the standard uniform that chefs all over world have been cooking in for years and years. But I have to admit that I kind of got bored of my chefs wardrobe. I mean, we don’t show up to work to set fashion trends, but who says you can’t spice it up and be a little different, right?

Vanity is the last thing we should care about because at the end of the day, we look like sh*t and smell like food (or on some days, the dumpster). Our hair is a mess (that expensive new hairdo you just got means crap in the kitchen since it is all pulled back and covered up). Your flawless make up will be ruined by heat, grease, sweat…sometimes tears.  And nobody cares how you look or what you are wearing in the kitchen.
Okay…I don’t really care either, but I thought a little color would bring some pizzazz to the kitchen. Black and white are pretty much the only (or mostly) colors worn in many kitchens. And I kind of have a thing for bright colors. Even in my wardrobe outside of the kitchen, I sometimes like to wear bright colors. I mean I don’t dress like a clown, but I might wear a bright color here and there. So I have been shopping around online and bought a set of new chefs hats in pink, purple, and red.

And I also purchased a pair of bright orange Mario Batali shoes. So I am pretty colorful in the kitchen. Am I rockin’ it or what?! My boss cracks up at me when I dress in these colors lol. And he called me a Korean Batali. When I wear the red hat, he says I look like one of them Japanese sushi chefs.

I am still browsing around for new chef’s jackets and pants. I am thinking pink and purple jackets. And for pants, hmm…anything other than the checkered pants I’ve grown so tired of.


  1. are just a cooking rainbow! :-) Anyway, I was trying to find a way to email you on Google, but no luck so here I am. I just made you a co-moderator of the G+ Korean Food group since you are on there more often than I am. Hope you don't mind! Feel free to invite whomever you'd like, etc.

    1. Hi Kimchi mom.Thanks! I will. I guess I am pretty colorful, aren't I? lol

  2. I love the colors you picked for the hats! It's very girly AND I'm sure the gross boys in the kitchen won't wear these colors so you'll definitely be able to stand out that way :) I was laughing when I saw the orange shoes b/c I literally thought you would 'kinda' resemble a clown's OUTFIT b/c of the vibrant various colors of your hat and shoes.

    Hey how's your hair doing. You haven't given update on that straightening thingy you did way back when...

    1. Lol gross boys. Some of them really are gross! The shoes are okay I guess....I've had more comfy shoes. I am not crazy about the bottom of the tracks too much crap. But I like that it stands out more than the black ones I've been wearing forever.

      As for my hair...the magic straight permed parts are still straight. The untouched newly grown hair (like 5-6 inches maybe) of the top part is less so. I was just thinking the other day that I need a trim. My hair does not look purdy right now! I kind of want waves now, but the problem with that is that it will only look good for a month (and so will a new color).


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