Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visiting the pooch bakery with Brownie

Okay, I know that this is not a DOG food blog (I was curious while blogging this post, so I googled dog food blogs..and wow apparently, there’s a lot of those too! I guess the dog culinary world is booming as well), but for this post, I just couldn’t resist! I love cute little puppies. They are just so adorable when they are babies. I spent the day with a cute little guy named Brownie. Brownie is a three month old Jindo that belongs to a friend of mine.

I’ve always loved the smaller breed dogs, - Chihuahuas, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriors…ones that I can carry around. I think that Brownie is the first medium sized breed dog that I really came to adore. When I first met him, I thought he looked like a little bear. His face had that round teddy bearlike feature, and he was soft and fuzzy like one. He really grew on me.
Jindos are known for being highly intelligent, loyal, and territorial. Brownie is growing to have all of those traits. He is such a funny little guy. He approaches every single stranger that walks by (extremely friendly). Yet, whenever someone he is not familiar with tries to pick him up, he trips out. He will start whimpering and panicking. I can only guess that it is because he is afraid that they will take him (very sociable dog but it looks like no one will be able to kidnap him even if they tried).

I feel like the cool aunt or something. I get all the “fun stuff”. I don’t need to deal with the going out to potty, cleaning up after him, disciplining, and all the not fun stuff that comes along with being a pet parent. I get to spoil him. And today was one of those days. I took him to a bakery to get him some doggy treats, a place called Top Dog Barkery in Newport Beach.
As soon as we got out of the car, his doggy senses led us to shop. He looked like a little kid going into a candy store. There were so many items that caught his eye, -doggy treats, chew toys, doggy baked goods, etc. He didn’t know what to sniff and rip open first. The lady there gave him some doggy treats, which he loved. She took some pictures of him because she thought he was cute. Brownie kept sniffing and begging for more treats. They must have smelled pretty tasty!

If you have ever gone shopping with a dog, you know how difficult it can get sometimes. Well, I think shopping with a dog in a doggy store is even more difficult. It seemed like the little guy knew everything in there was something that would be for him.
I wanted to shop around a bit more and buy more items, but maybe next time (when he’s not with me). I ended up getting some cookies, a cupcake, and a chew toy. I have no idea what the baked items are made with, but the way Brownie was going to town, you would think they were the best things in the world. It’s funny…when bakers bake (human) baked goods, it’s usually tasted. When I am cooking/baking in my kitchen, I taste everything. But with doggy food, it’s hard to imagine the bakers taste testing. Maybe they have dogs in the kitchen to do the taste testing? Lol. But whatever they are doing, they must be doing a great job.

Brownie could not wait until we got home. He is usually a calm, well-behaved, and patient dog. But wow….I gave him the chew toy for the drive home. I thought that would keep him busy for a while. Then he started sniffing the bag. He had a determined look on his face to get that bag open. He dug and clawed his way, ripped it open with his teeth and found the cookies. I got two doughnut shaped cookies for him. And he devoured them in no time. Just look at the mess he made, ripping that bag open.

Thank goodness the frosted items were in a plastic container. I gave those to him when we got home.

I kind of think that Brownie sees me as a treat-giving-spoiling-him lady. I don't yell at or scold him when he is being a brat. That is his owner's job lol. He is always so thrilled whenever he sees me. He knows that he will be given something yummy or taken somewhere fun (like the dog park, one of his favorite places to go).

Watching Brownie enjoy those treats made me get a sweet tooth lol. The way he was enjoying everything was too adorable. His face was covered in frosting (totally cute) after licking it off the treats. He made it look so delicious. I can't imagine that the items would contain sugar or cream. If I took a bite of it, I am sure that it would totally taste like dog food that only dogs would enjoy. No doubt I'd probably spit it out. But yeah, now I am craving some cupcakes and cookies too!


  1. He looks soooo cute!!! Does this breed shed alot? It's good that he won't let people pick him up - that's sign of intelligence right (compared to my dumb mutt).

    I've seen those dog bakeries but jeez, their bakery stuff is really expensive. Like am I *really* going to spend that much on a dog cupcake that costs as much as a cupcake for a human. Really. You're such a good auntie (and a sucker...j/k!!).

    I miss the puppy smell - I think puppies smell better than babies :)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Jindos shed heavily twice a year. I think this is the time for one of his shedding periods...His hair has been getting all over my clothes. You are right about the sucker part lol. But I can't help it. He's so adorable. I love the puppy smell too.

    He's getting too big too fast though. Before we know it, he won't be a puppy anymore.

  3. Yeah they get big FAST :( Enjoy him while he's still a pup! Is he potty trained? Do you let him on your sofa and bed? He looks really smart.

  4. Yeah he's pretty smart. He's been potty trained since he was two months old. He only goes on the bed when no one is home lol. He doesn't go on the bed when people are home. He must have gotten scolded for doing so lol. I already miss when he used to be small, with floppy ears. He's like in puberty stage now.

  5. Sleep on top of the bed I mean, not "go" as in potty lol.


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