Monday, May 27, 2013

The things I do so that you won't find hair in your food

When working in the professional kitchen, vanity is the last thing that matters. Women can forget about checking our make up every hour, looking in the mirror to see if our hair looks good, or giving a darn about whether our clothes match or not. The only thing that matters is that flawless labor is executed to deliver a memorable dining experience for those that come to eat the food.

But, girls will be girls. Most of us care about things like hair, make-up, and fashion. But there is no place to fuss over that in the kitchen. Outside of the kitchen, we can still be girls. We still get manicures, wear heels, shop for the latest fashion, and get our hairs did. I have an obsession with straight hair. I get the Magic Straight Perm once a year. My hair is naturally wavy, and I prefer my hair to be straight and silky. This procedure does the trick. Then my hair grows out, and soon before I know it, it’s time for another one. I have been getting the Magic Straight Perm for over ten years. Without it, my hair seems to be too wavy and thick.

Like with any other perm, the aftercare steps include not washing your hair for 48 hours. In addition, it’s recommended that hair is not tied for a week. Well, I work in the kitchen where hair needs to be tied, tucked, and covered. So what is a girl to do? Sacrifice the time and money that was put into having straight hair and follow the kitchen dress code, or f**k the kitchen dress code and take whatever measures necessary to ensure that my hair does not get ruined? I mean, the Magic Straight Perm procedure is not cheap. And it is definitely time consuming (five hours!!). What to do, oh what to do?

At my other job, they allowed me to cover my hair with a plastic bag for a week. But they won’t allow it at my current place. They think it’s too absurd. A plastic bag covers my hair loosely without wrinkling it, so I thought it was my best option. But oh well.
I hate wearing this bandana!! I can feel my straightened hair wrinkling already..

My usually tied back, tucked under hair was covered loosely with a bandana. I don’t really like this alternative, as it interferes with the immaculate straightness of my hair…but what else can I do?!! Oh geez…The things that food handlers have to sacrifice in order to deliver a flawless dining experience for others! Not having the proper hair shield would be risking hair strands getting in the food. And who would want that? So here I am…sacrificing the time and money spent on my hair, to not risk any mishaps from occurring due to loosely covered hair. My hair may get slightly wrinkled along the way. And if it does, I am going to be so sad and put some hair strands in somebody’s food. Just kidding!
Five hours and $200+


  1. I about died when I read your post b/c I'm obsessed with straightening my hair. I don't do it often b/c I worry about the flat iron damage but when I do, I am OCD about avoiding any and every scenario where I might get wrinkles or weird kinks in my perfectly flat ironed hair. I used to go to a Korean hair salon and the lady would ALWAYS try to sell me on the 'magic straightening perm' - so I wonder if it's the same thing you're doing? I never understood what she meant but she said it takes many hours to do. But I was always too scared to take her up on it b/c the salon was ghetto and her English was limited (and I can't mess around w/ a straightening perm without having full understandable communication w/ the stylist !) Where do you go for yours and how does it really stay straight for a year?! Any damage to the hair from this treatment?

  2. Your comment just made me realize that I don't think I've ever been to a Korean hair salon where they actually spoke fluent English lol. My OG place I go to charges $300 (Kim Sun Young in Cerritos) for a Magic Straight Perm, but I found one that does it for $200. I am very cautious about where I go to get my hair did because I have had my hair fucked up way too many times. I don't feel comfortable going outside of my OG salon. I went to a salon in Ktown (Mystylist) a few times for a Magic Straight Perm because they did it for $125. But you "get what you pay for". I'm never going back there again for anything. I didn't get the results that I wanted the last couple of times from Mystylist, so...fuck them!

    I went to Minjee in Cerritos this time (after the many great yelp reviews). I think they did a decent job. We will know soon..but so far, so good. They took extra measures to make sure my overly dyed/highlighted hair was not damaged further through the process.

    If they do a decent job, yes...the straightness should last forever until the untouched hair grows out. When I got it done from Mystylist, it got wavy again within a few months and my hair was not as silky as it usually is after the procedure.

    One thing I don't like about the Magic Straight Perm is that since it thins (and weakens) your hair, it seems to fall out more easily. It's not a big deal for me since I generally have a lot of hair. But I didn't get it for a while because I was going to stop getting the procedure because of this. But I couldn't take my hair being all wavy and nappy anymore. I missed straight hair, so I went and got it again. And I think I will still be getting it in the future.

    The salon lady told me about a Brazilian Perm. It is supposed to be less chemically potent than the Magic Straight Perm. It's a bit more pricy but less damaging to your hair. But with this, it only lasts a few months I hear. So I don't know. Pay more and more often but have less damage to your hair, or pay slightly less and have it last for a long time while your hair is exposed to highly potent chemicals, possibly making it fall out more?? Tough decision!

  3. Yeah my previous Korean stylist ALWAYS tried to up sell me on the Magic straight Perm EVERY TIME. And every time I asked her for a detailed explanation on *what* it was, her answers were so vague. I have alot of hair like you but I just freak out thinking the damage this type of perm can do my hair. So how does it work - they put the chemical in your hair, then flat iron a few times, then put more chem, then flat iron a few more? Is your hair literally STRAIGHT all day - even when you wake up in morning?

    I just finished writing my latest post on my blog and gave you a shout out. I have a weird thing about feet like you do w/ your hands.

  4. Yup..that is why I do it. I wake up, shower, then my hair dries straight naturally. That is why I sit through five long hours of this tedious process. For me, it's worth it because I love straight hair. But just make sure you find a decent place and not get your hair fucked up.

    They first apply some chemicals in my hair, then I sit under a dryer for a bit. Then they rinse, dry/flat iron...apply another set of chemicals, repeat the previous steps..and all this takes five hours.

  5. OMG. 5 hours. What in the world do you do during those 5 hours. Thanks for the tip though. I'm actually seriously considering this treatment. One last question though - do you have bangs - do you straighten the bangs too? The reason I go to Korean hair stylist is b/c I LOVE Korean side swept bangs (not sure if that makes sense at all but their version of side swept bangs beats all others IMO). So curious to see if you have bangs and what you do with them (if you have 'em). But thanks again for the tips!

  6. Sit and be bored...look at magazines, listen to the lil ole salon ladies gossip. My bangs grew out. I need to trim them, but I'll go to my OG place later for that. Personally, I prefer not doing it on the bangs. It makes it too flat. But I guess it depends on your hair. With mine, when I have bangs, I prefer not to include them in the procedure. This time, I did though. I have been growing them out..but will have bangs again soon. For bangs, I prefer to have SOME volume, especially for side swept bangs. But for straight cut across bangs, sometimes I straighten that too.

    Honestly, I kind of think the side swept bangs look gets too flat with it. But it's all personal preference.


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