Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Heart Daiso

There used to be a Marukai (a Japanese dollar store where you can get the cutest everyday items for $1) near my home, but they closed down. I am not exactly sure why they closed. I have heard rumors circulating that they were losing customers after bringing in the more pricy items, cranking up the prices of merchandise up to $10 or even over $100, gradually evolving out of a $1 store, into a Japanese Wal-Mart type of store. It’s a shame if that is really the reason for their closing. I was so sad when they closed. We still had the Marukai in Gardena (the next closest location around here). But years later, they closed their doors as well.

I am so happy that I discovered Daiso recently. They are stocked with all the cute Japanese items in the likes of what Marukai used to have.  Granted they are cheap quality (but still so cute), there are certain things I wouldn’t buy here such as make-up, hygienic products, and such. But I love these types of places for stocking up on kitchen/cleaning supplies and stationary, mostly.

I spent a total of $33.66 for 21 items.

You can guess what my favorite color is!!


1.       Click N Flame Lighter- It will come in handy when I need to light a candle or something.

2.       Disposable Powder Puff-To apply my foundation with. I know I said I wouldn’t buy make up here. And I probably never will, but make up applicators are sometimes okay. You can feel the cheap quality when using, but for items like this, I don’t care. They are disposable anyways, so the cheaper the better.

3.       Chocolate-a Japanese brand (Meito Sweets Chocolate) that I bought. It is not bad. They will be here when I get the munchies.

4.       Arm Cover-I am always getting burns on my forearms while I work, so these may come in handy. I don’t like wearing the sleeves (of my chefs uniform) rolled down because they are uncomfortable when they hang loosely. These arm covers (sleeves) snug tightly around my arms, so we shall see how practical the $1.50 I spent will be. I am fair skinned, so even being near any source of heat makes my arms/face bright red.  Honestly, I have my doubts that these sleeves will have any worth. But they were so cute that I had to buy them.

5.       Pastry Bags-Can’t beat a pack of 12 for $1.50. I have used these before. You get what you pay for (not as good as the Wilton pastry bags I normally use), but the $1.50 price tag made me unable to resist.

6.       Magical Peeler-I already have a peeler or two that I use. But I found a cute pink peeler that I will use as my back-up in case I am to lose my peeler(s).

7.       One-Touch Bottle-Comes in a pack of two. I bought these to use for my home remedy facial applicators. I like to experiment with different types of homemade facials. These little guys are the perfect size for storing perishables to be used once or twice.

8.       Mini Fry Pan-I guess this was designed for frying eggs and making crepes. We will see how much I use this one. Again, I had to buy it because it was so cute and cheap. It came in pink, my favorite color!

9.       Duster/Mini mop-Now this is the type of item I come here to shop for. I don’t like overpaying for cleaning items I am going to use, get dirty, and throw out soon. I prefer not to keep bacteria/dust infested (that’s what cleaning supplies become after using..accumulates gunk) items for too long. So spending $1.50 is ideal for short-term use.

10.   Mini spatula-Hmm…maybe I do have enough rubber spatulas, big and small. Another item I bought because it was cute.

11.   Cupcake liner (pink/flower)- I was about to make cupcakes the other day and realized I ran out of cupcake liners.

12.   Cupcake liner (pastel orange and green)-I didn’t need a second pack of cupcake liners, but the lovely spring colors matched well with the season and I was wanted another pack of liners to supplement the pink ones. I like variety.

13.   Small soup bowl-It is black with a little piggy on it. I will eat cereal in this. I love cereal.

14.   Mini milk pan-So that is what it’s for..for scalding milk, I presume. It’s pink, it’s small, it’s cute, it’s cheap, so I bought it without knowing what I would be using it for.

15.   Orange Ramekin- Orange is a nice color that stands out. I will bake crème brulees and soufflés that mesh well with orange.

16.   False lashes-It’s my first and last time buying falsies at a place like this. Like I said, you get what you pay for. It confirms my point why I won’t buy make-up/cosmetic items here. The material is irritating on my eyelids. This is the one Item I regret buying today.

17.   Scrunchy-Pink ballerina style. Something new to use for my hair when I tie it up for work.

18.   Nail clipper –Okay, I didn’t need another one. The one I have right now works just fine. But it’s pink, cute, and cheap…need I say more?

19.   Heart- shaped ramekin-It’s in a shape of a heart and pink!! It’s a combo I can’t resist.

20.   White oval plate-This will be used for the more refinely plated dishes.

21.   White square plate-This would be great for plating fancy desserts and such.
These are the kitchen items alone. Aren't they just darling?!


  1. Update- after using some of the items I purchased, I realized that it was obvious that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I think at the time I was too excited about finding a Marukai replacement shop more sensibly. The scrunchy ripped apart after only a few use, the nail clipper does not clip that well (cheap dull blade), and (as I mentioned before) the false eyelashes are so irritating. The disposable powder puff applies foundation poorly and has some cheap foul manufacture type smell..and I definitely would not recommend buying pots and pans here. They get ruined after one use. What was I thinking buying those things at a place like this?! I knew paying $1.50 for these items was too good to be true.

    I think the only things worth buying were the bowls/dishes…unless something starts peeling or rubbing off later, I think I’m safe.
    Even with that being said, I’d still come back to this place lol. Now I know what type of items to avoid. I’d definitely get things like stationary, certain kitchen items (for storing/holding, never again for cooking).

  2. OMG! There is a new Daiso that opened in the Cerritos area. Now I don't have to drive so far for all the cutesy items for $1.50!

  3. I've tried the Japanese brand of chocolate - Meito Sweets. They weren't too bad at all.


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