Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another Korean American Thanksgiving come and gone

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I have been dying from food coma and  a food baby belly that looks like it’s about to pop any second. Thanksgiving felt like Thanksgiving because it WAS Thanksgiving, but at the same time it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving because was like 90 degrees. Thank God for the long awaited rain we started having.  I hear about people in other parts of the country experiencing blizzards and stuff…and I get jealous. I’d so rather be cold (especially in November) than feel like I should be chillin’ at the beach. And by cold, I mean being in the 50’s or 60’s…yeah, that’s perfect weather that I wish we had all year round.

I can’t even believe how much I ate the past few days, especially on Thanksgiving Day. I made the usual traditional stuff. As much as I also enjoy the “classics” with “a twist,” I need what I am familiar with for it to feel like Thanksgiving. And they are items I normally eat (from the same sitting) just once a year anyways, so it’s not like I’d get sick of eating them year after year.
I started preparing what I could on Monday that week and then did the rest on Thanksgiving Day and the day before. I did all my shopping Monday. The stores weren’t too crazy when I went. But I heard it started getting super crowded later that day.  

While I was shopping for Thanksgiving, I found myself at the frozen food section.

At the time, I was just way too hungry to cook and needed a no hassle/no cook type of food to fuel me to get me going before I proceeded to cook. I ended up getting the steak and potato one. It’s been years since I have had microwavable dinner, but it was not bad, especially while in a behgorage (a term cleverly coined by Faye of Faye's Fork) mode.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Creations from my former coworker

My former coworker, Manny, sends me the most random texts. Last week, this is a picture that he just randomly texted me.


Yeah, he is so ummmm….what’s the word??!! WEIRD. But, I gotta admit that he has some sculpting skills and that it is a bit funny. The picture made me chuckle. At first, I thought it was Vanilla Ice Cream, -which meant it was either done fast before it melted or he did that while the ice cream was softening a little. With places that serve ice cream as part of the dessert menu, one of the pitfalls with ice cream has been that it is frozen rock hard. It’s a battle to get a good scoop since we can barely go past the rock hardness. I sometimes used a spoon to scoop out in increments from the edges. Another method I learned from our former (mine and Manny’s)boss is to torch the ice cream to slightly melt it to make it scoopable. At other places, we take out the ice cream to let it soften a bit then put it back into the freezer. At where I was doing my externship, this was done for each service. That is just the way the freezer seems to be kept at a lot of places. Anyways, back to the masterpiece of Chef Manny. It was, in fact, NOT ice cream, -it was BUTTER.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our dear (sometimes) friends - the FOH posse

Somewhat random ramblings of FOH

We (the BOH) all have moments of wanting to slap someone from FOH. But I gotta thing that I give them props for is their ability to smile and still kiss ass to ass holes. I know that many of us BOHers wouldn’t be able to. Thank goodness we in the back rarely come face to face with who we serve. I can so imagine some of my colleagues spitting at some of their faces. We have the advantage of cursing them in hiding.
Servers need to be flashing their pearly whites, bullshit around to look like they are interested about people’s days, put up with retards, and they do it all while smiling pretty. And once they swing through that swinging door into the kitchen, it’s like:
“FUCK!!! That guy on table so and so is a major dick!!”
Or they will say, “You can take your time on table so and so..he always comes in here and is a stingy tipper, so I don’t care. Take your time, chefs.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fire noodles GIVEAWAY for the spicy lovers

It’s no secret that I love spicy food. You guys all knew that, right? I think my capsaicin tolerance level is a little higher than the average American….I think. Sriracha is like my best friend. But I don’t even really consider that spicy. That is just one of the necessities that adds flavor to a lot of my dishes that I eat. Tabasco is my second best friend. And you probably noticed all the (many of them spicy) Korean dish comfort foods that I need regularly to keep me going. Yeah, I can’t imagine my life without the spiciness.

THE SPICIEST thing I have ever tasted in my life were these little tiny green peppers (size of a pistachio). It was around the time I was in junior high. Our nanny/housekeeper, BL, brought them. She used to stroll my brother around the block everyday until he fell asleep. And on her walk, she found these peppers growing in someone’s yard and picked some to bring back.
Even as a kid, I loved spicy. I thought the little peppers were cute and never seen any so small. Naturally, I picked one up to eat.

“NO!! Is mucho maewuh (means “spicy” in Korean),” she warned.
“I like maewuh,” I told her. I loved spicy…I mean how spicy could it have been, right? Ignoring her warning, I bit into a piece.

And OMG!!! I got an instant burn that wouldn’t stop. I mean…my mouth was burning for hours. I’ve never felt such a painful, unending merciless burn like that before or since those little boogers. I remember drinking ice water nonstop. I alternated between milk and ice water. It just would not stop burning. I took a break from drinking and just held some ice in my mouth. The burn went on for about three hours. Gosh, it was super painful.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Had enough with the industry

I have no idea how some people can manage to stay in the food industry for a such large part of their lives, especially ones that work 80 hours a week and do so for years and years. If I were to have been in this industry for even a decade, I think all my hair strands would be white, I’d look like I was 50, have wrinkled up grandma hands, have all kinds of health problems, and ummm I would probably end up in the nut house.

I love food. I love to eat. I once loved to cook. Maybe the industry killed the passion that was once there. There are things that I just can’t tolerate anymore.